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Workshops 2024

Hier finden Sie umfangreiche Informationen zu den von mir veranstalteten Workshops in Deutschland und Italien.

Body Liberation Retreat
Butoh based on Body Resonance
Dance with Nature and Authentic Movement

Casina Settarte (Ostuni- Puglia)
led by Yumiko Yoshioka e Annalisa Maggiani

3.Luglio - 9.Luglio 2024
(3.July arrival from 17:00 - 9.July departure)

How can we reach the liberation of the body? How can we nourish the healing body?
Let´s  dance and move the resilient body, with flexibility like leaves in the wind and stability like deep grounded roots, and capacity for metamorphosis and transformation.
This retreat is based on the body works of “Body Resonance -based on Organic Movement and Butoh” by Yumiko Yoshioka and “Movement-Dance with Nature” and “Authentic Movement” by Annalisa Maggiani, a journey into the resonances of the body, images and  the nature.

In the morning sessions for 3 hours, Yumiko Yoshioka will offer “Body Resonance” meeting the memories of the body, and freeing the resilient element  in our body.
In the afternoons for 3 hours, Annalisa Maggiani will lead us with the “Movement Dance with Nature and Authentic Movement” with the resonances of the elements of nature. Our body will find a way to expand and release the imaginary and the potential of metamorphosis, as opened in the morning trainings.
The mornings and afternoons come together toward a path of resonance, openness, and awareness, by releasing emotional and bodily blocks and integrating this experience into our lives and art.

Our Philosophy
The Body as a place of Being, of Becoming, of Passage in the continuous flow of existence, as a place of treasures to be known…
By giving form to the images that start from the body and the nature, we obtain a stronger perception of the world of sensations, of internal landscapes and of the connection with the external world, with the universe of which we are a part.
This Project is not proposed here as therapy, but as dance and experience that help us to be more receptive and in touch with our nourishing Self and the healing body: a personal journey of  Body Liberation!
Yumiko Yoshioka and Annalisa Maggiani have been collaborating for about 30 years in performance, performance projects and workshops. This new proposal stems from the desire to create a retreat for regeneration and healing by bringing together “Body-Resonance” and “Dance with Nature- Authentic Movement”.

Workshop location
Casina Settarte (Ostuni-Apulia) -
Casina Settarte is a centre for creative development and education alongside the practice of sustainability, a place of creative research and experimentation surrounded by nature: „Here daily life is marked by the principles of love for the land, attention and care for every living being and the search for our essential self!“
The food is vegetarian and organic. Various accommodation possibilities you will have contact details when requesting information.
Arrival by train: Ostuni Train Station
Arrival by plane: Airport Brindisi (45 km to Ostuni) or Airport Bari and Train to Ostuni. In Ostuni pick up to Casina Settarte.


Yumiko Yoshioka
Belonging to a third generation of Butoh artists, she has developed a personal style of bodywork called Body Resonance, which integrates Butoh practice, inspired by Noguchi Taiso gymnastics and various other Asian training methods to help prepare the body to receive and transmit dance and creation.
She is a Japanese Butoh dancer and choreographer from Tokyo. Since 1988 she has been based in Berlin. She is a former member of Ariadone, the first female Butoh company, which was founded by Ko Murobushi and Carlotta Ikeda in 1974.
In 1978, she performed with Ko and Carolotta in Paris, LE DERNIER EDEN – PORTE DE L'AU-DELA, the very first Butoh performance to be presented in a public theatre outside Japan. In 1988 she met Minako Seki and delta RA'i in Berlin, with whom she founded tatoeba THÉÂTRE DANCE GROTESQUE. (1988 – 1996)
Yumiko founded the art-formation group "TEN PEN CHii  art labor " with visual artist Joachim Manger (Germany) and music composer, Zam Johnson (USA) (1995-2016) and presented quite a few of unique performances with installations, sound  and physical works.
Many other collaboration with international artists and dancers encouraged Yumiko to start to unfold her own personal style of dancing and choreography.

Annalisa Maggiani
has developed her own method “Movement-Dance with Nature and Awareness” result of a long research aimed at creating a terrain of awareness and integration between the body, the imaginary and the elements of nature. Fundamental points is re-establish a connection with the "natural body", combine individual rituals with collective rituals, the birth of a personal dance, connect our experiences to our everyday life.
Annalisa Maggiani is a dancer - focus on Butoh- and choreographer, dance-movement therapist, psychologist, and philosopher (University of Pisa). She is a studied MA art psychotherapist (Godsmith College) and Advanced Master´s Degree in Authentic Group Movement(Art Therapy italiana).  She collaborates  till 1995 with Yumiko Yoshioka in tatoeba THÉÂTRE DANCE GROTESQUE and in the Butoh Company  “Ten pen chii art labor”. In Italy and Berlin she worked as a performer and as a dancer therapist in several psychiatric rehabilitation centres and School, directed the Solo Butoh Festival "La Danza di Confine" (Lerici, Sarzana 2003-2013). She currently lives and works in Berlin and Italy - in Berlin at the Intercultural Centre for Women S.U.S.I., with refugee women and dance therapy projects with women with an eating disorder.
She also Collaborates in various social and performance-projects in Berlin and Italy and collaborate with many dancers, artist and musicians.

I hope to move and dance with you in this retreat. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to write to me.
Cari saluti and take care Annalisa  Maggiani  and Yumiko Yoshioka


Info and Reservation
mobile/whatsapp: +49-176-63304564

La danza della farfalla dorata


27. giugno

ore 17.30 -20.30

Monti di San Lorenzo


Nel cerchio delle anime selvatiche
Danza con la Natura e consapevolezza la farfalla dorata

17:30 ci troviamo ai ruderi della chiesa di Sal Lorenzo e da li a piedi andiamo ad una meravigliosa radura

circa 15 min cammino in un sentiero in leggera salita difficoltà: facile.

18.00-19.30 pratiche di Danza con la natura e consapevolezza 

„intorno al Solstizio: incontrare l‘estate incontrare la farfalla dorata“

19.30 ritorno e arrivo ore 20.00

dalla farfalla dorata. Raccoglimento meditativo

20.45 circa finale

costo: offerta libera

arrivo con auto: posteggio monti di San Lorenzo che è segnato sulla destra prima di ultima salita per la chiesetta

per info e iscrizioni contattatemi direttamente

mobile/whatsapp: +49-176-63304564 

„Butoh & Body Liberation“

Erster Teil: „Rizome“

16. + 17. November 2024

Zweiter Teil: „Blooming“ 15. + 16. Februar 2025

Dritter Teil: „Le Fleur du mal“

29. Mai - 1. Juni 2025

Eine Workshop-Trilogie mit Annalisa Maggiani und Henriette Heinrichs.

Es gibt vergessene Räume in unserer Körpererinnerung, in denen die Zeit stehen geblieben erscheint. Diese Räume werden wir öffnen und lüften.
Die Langsamkeit und die Stille zwischen den Bewegungen ist der Türöffner für neue Möglichkeiten.
Im Butoh-Tanz bewegen wir unsere Körper aus starken sich wiederholenden Imaginationen heraus.
Diese Imaginationen unterstützten die Intensität unserer inneren Bewegung. Die heilenden Kräfte unserer Nerven und Faszien werden geweckt.
Das polyvagale Nervensystem wird im Butoh Tanz stark aktiviert, so kann der Tanz aus dem Urgrund unseres Seins entstehen
und unsere wesenseigenen Ausdrucksformen ans Licht bringen.
Im Butoh Tanz lassen wir den Körper aus unserem innersten Schichten heraus zu uns sprechen.
Daraus entsteht ein Tanz, der das kollektive Unterbewusstsein die „Schauenden“ berühren kann.
In diesem Workshop wird jede Person unterstützt ihren eigenen Tanz zu entwickeln.
Die unterschiedlichen Stile von Annalisa und Henriette schmelzen sensitiv zusammen und
eröffnen den Teilnehmer*innen ein weites Spektrum an Ausdrucksmöglichkeiten.

Diese drei Workshops sind eine Trilogie, die zusammenhängend oder auch unabhängig voneinander buchbar sind.
Der dritte Teil ist ein Performance Workshop.
Erster Teil: „Rizome“

16. + 17. November 2024
Unsere Kraft in unsere Wurzeln ziehen und aus unseren Tiefen heraus den Körper sprechen lassen.
Ein weitverzweigtes gemeinsames Wurzel- und Nervengeflecht entwickeln.
Über unsere Wurzeln mit anderen Körpern kommunizieren lernen, indirekt und unterirdisch.
Zweiter Teil: „Blooming“ 15. + 16. Februar 2025
Resonanzen des Körpers erspüren und in die Metamorphose des Öffnens tauchen,
organische und natürliche Bewegungen erwecken, uns öffnen.
Und das wiederkehrende Licht reinlassen.
Über unsere Hemisphäre mit anderen Körpern kommunizieren lernen, indirekt und überirdisch.
Dritter Teil: „Le Fleur du mal“

29. Mai - 1. Juni 2025
Ein Walking Akt über das Verblühen und Verwehen…
(4 Tage an Himmelfahrt mit Abschlussperformance im Mauerpark)
Unsere inneren Bilder führen unsere Bewegungen, unsere Körper werden aus unserer Imagination heraus bewegt,
die heilenden Kräfte unseres Nerven und Muskeln werden erweckt.
Unser Tanz entsteht aus unseren unsichtbaren Verbindungen und aus dem gleichen Atem heraus.

Ort Dock 11, Kastanienalle und Mauerpark
Zeit Täglich 11-18 Uhr
Kosten Einzel Wochenend-Workshop (November oder Februar) 210,-€ Frübbucher* 190,- €
4 Tage Workshop an Himmelfahrt (29. Mai- 1. Juni) 420,-€ Frübbucher* 380,- €
Triologie: (November +  Februar +Mai ) : 690,-€ Frübbucher* 600,- € 

*bis jeweils 2 Monate vorher

Anmeldung Annalisa Maggiani:

Aggiornamento professionale permanente riconosciuto da Apid per il 2024


Danza con la natura e consapevolezza

un approccio ecologico della


14-16 Giugno 2024

Tenuto da Annalisa Maggiani

Nel Retrait attraverso gli strumenti della Danza movimento terapia contatteremo le risonanze tra il corpo, gli elementi della natura e l'immaginazione, il nostro respiro ed il grande respiro della foresta, dell´acqua e della terra, risvegliando la parte intuitiva ed istintiva e compassionevole che è in ognuna di noi, importante per chi lavora con la Danza-movimento-terapia e nella relazione d´aiuto.

Saremo volte a ristabilire una connessione con il “corpo naturale”, unendo rituali individuali a rituali collettivi, la connessione tra il Sé ed il Luogo con momenti performativo-rituali.

 Il contatto con gli elementi portará ad incentivare il “grounding”, il radicamento, il legame con la terra, il flusso libero dell´acqua e del respiro e l´energia vitale propulsiva.

Questo lavoro è il frutto di una lunga ricerca volta a creare un terreno di consapevolezza ed integrazione tra il corpo, il movimento, l’immaginario e gli elementi della natura.  

Nella giornata di sabato interventi di musica dal vivo della musicista e ricercatrice della voce Cristina Alioto*


A chi si rivolge:

Danza-movimento-terapeut* diplomat*, diplomand* e in formazione, a chi lavora nella realzione d´aiuto, insegnanti, artiste ed artisti, performer e danzatrici, danzatori e a che desideri approfondire la danza di relazione con la natura.

Riferimenti metodologici

 dmt psicodinamica, Body work e danza delle connessioni corporee (Peggy Hackney- Laban Bertenieff), Movimento autentico, Butoh-Body Resonance, lavoro di terapie espressive.


14-16 Giugno 2024 (inizio venerdí ore 17.00 termine  domenica ore 15.30


Lunigiana- Casa Florida (Pontremoli)   


Ore di Formazione

16 ore


Costo vitto ed alloggio

penottamenti, colazioni, cena di venerdí e pranzo di domenica  tutto compreso 90€ -  il pranzo e la cena di sabato sará auto-organizzata (si cucinerá insieme) 


Annalisa Maggiani (Berlino-La Spezia) é Danza-Movimento Terapeuta (APID-Art Therapy Italiana), Supervisore APID, Psicologa, Dott. in Filosofia,MA Art Psychotherapist Godsmith College Univ. London, Docente. Nel 2020 ha concluso il Master avanzato di Movimento Autentico (Art Therapy Italiana). Performer, danzatrice con preferenza il Butoh, danza con la natura, svolge attivitá privata di sostegno psicologico e danzaterapia individuale e di gruppo. Nel 2023 ha partecipato  alla pubblicazione del libro del Festival “ La Sinfonia della Natura” con il contributo “Danza con al Natura” ed. Tarka, Mulkazzo (MS), 2023

*Cristina Alioto: Musicista, ricercatrice della voce


Info ed iscrizioni whatsapp +49- +49-176-63304564

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